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School Interoperability Framework (SIF)

Healthmaster has partnered with Mizuni, Inc., the leading developer of SIF products, to provide a state-of-the-art SIF agent for HealthOffice® Anywhere's Suite of products (“HealthOffice® SIF Agent”). The HealthOffice® SIF Agent is exclusively licensed (sold) and supported directly through Mizuni. Healthmaster does not directly sell, license or support the HealthOffice® SIF Agent.

Mizuni offers the best-in-class SIF-Certified Zone Integration Server (ZIS) and SIF Agents for K-12 districts. The Mizuni ZIS enables real-time sharing of data between applications to eliminate redundant data entry and provide reliable and consistent information to inform instruction and increase student achievement.

A Zone Integration Server (ZIS) is the central middleware component of the Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) Specification – the preeminent K-12 Education data standard for interoperability – and serves as the router of data between disparate district information systems. The Mizuni ZIS was designed to not only comply with the SIF specification but also to meet the most stringent performance and usability requirements.

SIF is not a product, but an industry initiative that enables diverse applications to interact and share data.

Some features of SIF that make it well-suited for data interoperability are:

  • It is an XML standard that exists built entirely and specifically for the exchange of K-12 education-related information
  • Case studies show significant dollar savings for schools and districts
  • Many school districts require that K-12 data vendors use SIF, and some states like Oklahoma are even legislating its use
  • Many vendors in the K-12 space already have SIF agents that have met SIF certification criteria and several Zone Integration Server products "ZIS" are available in the market. With many SIF agents available & capable of interacting with the ZIS, barriers for school district use have been significantly reduced

SIF Association Website