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Integrated Software Suite

Integrated Sofware Solution

HealthOffice® Anywhere Suite

HealthOffice® Anywhere enables your school district to have all of the health records of their students in one integrated database creating the opportunity for comprehensive reporting and tracking previously unavailable.

HealthOffice® Anywhere is a web-based suite of software applications containing a robust SQL database with optional, integrated modules for:

  • Nursing Services
  • Special Education Case Management including an optional IEP writer
  • Mental & Behavioral Health Case Management
  • Risk Management
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Data Warehousing
  • Containing tightly-integrated Medicaid billing documentation functionality in every module

The HealthOffice® Anywhere Suite of programs offers your school district the most comprehensive single source, integrated solution for accurate record keeping and Medicaid reimbursement on the market today. Access it anytime, 24/7, anyplace, from any device with Internet capability.

All data from all integrated modules is contained in a single, Microsoft® SQL database housed at Healthmaster's secure, third-party data center. HealthOffice® Anywhere is “student-centered” so all data relating to a specific student is available from all modules to any user who has been given access to that information. HealthOffice® Anywhere's security restricts user access to only those modules and those parts of the of the student record that the district allows them to have. By having all health-related data in a single data base, scheduling of student events, avoiding conflicts and comprehensive reports can be designed to ensure the latest and best information is available to those users that require it to best serve the health and educational needs of students.

HealthOffice® Anywhere completely eliminates the slow and tedious process of keeping and storing multiple records by hand or in multiple programs. It not only allows a user to retrieve records and produce reports at the touch of a button, but also to secure and store all student health records in a single, secure, comprehensive, Microsoft® SQL database housed on servers located at Healthmaster's contracted, independently audited data center. Our data center is SAS 70, SSAE 16, SOC, PCI and HIPAA compliant, reflecting the highest standards in the industry. We don't take chances by exposing our customers to serious penalties – our data center has been independently audited to be HIPAA compliant by a Certified HIPAA Practitioner (CHP) and Certified HIPAA Security Specialist (CHSS).

HealthOffice® Anywhere applications are provided as part of Healthmaster's hosted HealthOffice® Anywhere Web Services and are used throughout the school day to properly schedule, control, document, and report detailed information about every student encounter with a healthcare professional.


HealthOffice® Anywhere contains state-of-the-art documenting ability in accordance with the policies and procedures of each of the respective healthcare professions and district protocols. HealthOffice® Anywhere also provides the ability to document using district-created templates ensuring consistent and accurate documentation across disciplines.

HealthOffice® Anywhere applications provide scheduling, documenting, reporting, and compliance functionality that equal or exceed all requirements of local, state and federal guidelines in a single, easy to use program and contain all of the components every school district must have in order to be accurate, compliant, secure, accountable and fiscally sound. HealthOffice® Anywhere is IDEA, FERPA and HIPAA Compliant.

Authorized Access

Each individual user can only see those areas of the program that they have authorization to access. This provides a clean, clear interface without the confusion and clutter associated with unnecessary displays; users will not be aware of any part(s) of the program they won't be using.

HealthOffice® Anywhere contains user-specific Dashboards allowing each professional to see her/his daily schedule and other important information at a glance.

All nursing services, special education therapy sessions and services, mental & behavioral services, testing and therapies, medical problems, diagnosis, scheduled or unscheduled encounters, medication dispensing, as well as all necessary Medicaid or commercial insurance billing information are all entered and can be seen at a glance by an authorized user.

All the features and functionality needed by the healthcare professional to perform all of the scheduling, documentation, and reporting required by her or his job in a secure and professional manner are contained in one integrated program, including:

  • Group or individual encounters
  • Multiple types of notes
  • Form and Referral Letters
  • Health Care Plans
  • IEPs
  • Student demographics
  • Contact information
  • Medical Alerts
  • Detailed immunization history and evaluation by dose


Although HealthOffice® Anywhere includes hundreds of standard student and statistical reports, it can now be integrated with Healthmaster's robust, district-specific Data Warehouse and/or Advanced Reporting tool to provide unlimited, custom reports and data analysis capabilities that have been unavailable in the past; contributing to better student health outcomes, increased attendance, and more efficient administration of the district's health resources.

The use of district-wide or individual templates allow quick, accurate documentation of the most common encounters and related Medicaid information, usually in less than a minute.

We host HealthOffice® Anywhere in order to:

  • Help our customers dramatically reduce costs by eliminating hardware, software and maintenance costs associated with their own IT departments and data centers
  • Reduce our customers operational risks by exceptional security systems and utilizing our data center's experienced staff and repeatable processes
  • Give our customers access to their data 24/7
  • Provide the safety of automatic backups and disaster-recovery
  • Provide automatic installation of software enhancements and updates

In short, we excel at managing your HealthOffice® Anywhere applications and data center infrastructure, servers, and services so you can focus on providing health services to your students.


In addition to the security provided by our data center operations, the HealthOffice® Anywhere applications contain extensive security features that ensure users are allowed access to only those student records and specific parts of the records that are required by her or his position. A read-only Audit Log, attached as an integral part of each medical record, automatically records any changes made to the record to ensure the integrity of each record. An Access Log encompassing all students and all users, as well as a student-specific copy of the access log attached to each individual student's record, provides the information required by FERPA of recording all individuals accessing, creating, viewing or modifying any student record.


HealthOffice® Anywhere can be configured to automatically import required data from the district's SIS (student information system) as well as student pictures and information from other related databases. The import of the required information from these systems can be scheduled within the HealthOffice® Anywhere program and automatically performed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, as desired, to ensure that the self-contained HealthOffice® Anywhere database is kept up to date with all the latest student information.

Backup of all data occurs automatically as part of Healthmaster Anywhere's web services as well as automatic installation of periodic updates and enhancements to the software and disaster-recovery of data, if needed.

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