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Calendar Scheduling Tool

Scheduling has been one of the most complicated and time consuming processes for the special education professional – until now!

In order to avoid any conflicts when scheduling, you can view all three calendars: the User, the Student, and the School, on one screen.

Calendar Scheduling Tool

Scheduling Calendar screenshot

The School Calendar (top) is used to document all district or individual school events.

My Calendar (middle) is used to schedule and view all student events, personal items, and tasks and can be viewed by all schools of the user or by the individual school. My Calendar is displayed on the user's Dashboard.

The Student Calendar is used to view and schedule student events.

Each calendar can be viewed in different ways as shown below for the School Calendar.

Screenshot explaining how to navigate around the calendar

In order to avoid any conflicts when scheduling, you can view all three calendars – the User, the Student, and the School - on one screen.

Viewing the user/student/school calendars together (screenshot)

Today's Items Scheduled on the Dashboard is a combination of My Calendar and the Student Calendar.

The calendar as shown on the dashboard

Learn how our scheduling tool can help streamline your process.

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