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Mental & Behavioral Health Case Management Software

Why waste your precious time and energy struggling with archaic and inefficient documentation methods that lead to incomplete case records and compliance issues with Medicaid billing?

HealthOffice© Anywhere Mental & Behavioral Case Management System is the new standard in web-based case management documentation when dealing with emotionally and psychologically challenged students.

Mental & Behavioral Health Case Management Features

  • Create documentation for all areas of mental & behavioral health
  • Develop custom forms, authorizations, and reports
  • Control timelines dynamically
  • Maximize Medicaid revenue

HealthOffice© Anywhere's Mental & Behavioral Case Management software is a state of the art system for scheduling, documenting, reporting, and maintaining control of mental & behavioral processes, associated timelines, and case load with ease and efficiency. This system is the most comprehensive, secure, and easy to use mental & behavioral case management software available anywhere. Some states use different terminology to refer to their mental & behavioral health program, e.g. South Carolina’s program is called “Rehabilitative Behavioral Health Services (RBHS).”

IDEA, FERPA, and HIPAA compliant, HealthOffice Anywhere Mental & Behavioral Health Case Management software is a hosted, web-based product that provides you with 24/7 access to your files and records from anywhere, anytime using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or iPad.

Tightly integrated with easy Medicaid compliant documentation and billing that maximizes district revenue, it contains the components every school district must have in order to be accurate, compliant, accountable, and fiscally sound.

The HealthOffice Anywhere Mental & Behavioral Health Case Management System comes with extensive, integrated reporting where the most often accessed reports are available with one-click from the Dashboard, Student Record, or individual encounters without having to move to the report section.

The report section provides virtually unlimited summary or detailed reporting of all aspects of the mental & behavioral health process, individual student related reports, and statistical reports, along with state-specific reports that are useful for all districts. HealthOffice Anywhere Mental & Behavioral Case Management System’s reporting capability contributes to better student health outcomes, increased attendance, and more efficient administration of the district’s health resources.

HealthOffice Anywhere Mental & Behavioral Health Case Management, integrated with Healthmaster’s robust ad hoc reporting tool, provides unlimited custom reports and data analysis capabilities. If a data element has been documented, it can be reported on individually or in combinations with other data points, creating custom reports that are only limited by your imagination.

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