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Integrated Medicaid Billing

Successful billing starts with proper documentation. HealthOffice® Anywhere is the only EHR providing comprehensive, integrated functionality that pre-audits all billing related data to help ensure efficient, accurate claiming. All student encounters are properly documented to help ensure that all billable services are captures and your district’s Medicaid revenue and cash flow are maximized.

HealthOffice® Anywhere allows districts to bill third-party insurance and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) complying with state requirements.

Unique integration and single point of data-entry for compliant documentation and Medicaid billing helps assure everything billable is accounted for.

HealthOffice® Anywhere is HIPAA and FERPA compliant and includes your state specific billing procedure codes and modifiers for each job classification.

HealthOffice® Anywhere allows all school health care providers to document and report from one integrated database. Nursing, Mental Health, and Special Education professionals have complete control over their billing process and their documentation simultaneously - no more logging on to multiple programs or double recording.

HealthOffice® Anywhere contains comprehensive reports and ad-hoc reporting capabilities to provide information relating to all aspects of claiming, helping to sharpen your district’s Medicaid outreach and easily identifying opportunities to improve reimbursement.

To request a demo of HealthOffice® Anywhere’s Medicaid billing functionality, click here.