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HealthOffice Suite
Our renowned HealthOffice® Suite is available both in our popular self-hosted HealthOffice® Enterprise version and our newest, web-based HealthOffice® Anywhere Online versions.
Medicaid Billing
Our Medicaid Clearinghouse services were created to help bring more speed and efficiency to billing and reimbursement. Don’t miss any opportunities due to complexity and time constraints!
HealthOffice®Anywhere – the Worry Free Solution to Student Medical Records Recovery, Retention, Reporting and Reimbursement.

Like the “4 R’s” above indicate, our revolutionary HealthOffice®Anywhere Hosted Services is a full suite of “cloud hosting” web applications that saves – and makes - your district money and keeps HealthOffice up to date, protected and secure.Your student health records are easily documented, saved and retrievable instantly.  Automated Medicaid Reimbursement filing brings in revenue you never dreamed of receiving before!

HealthOffice application software is included and automatic daily backups of your database, and nightly updates from your SIS, keep your HealthOffice student information current.Whatever your role in the Student Health Continuum, when you have a question, we have the answer! 

With a set annual price for each named user,a low total cost of ownership is available for both small and large districts.

See how HealthOffice®Anywhere can help you.

Want to see a preview of how HealthOffice®Anywhere can give you all the tools you need to manage the complex world of school medical records? Click here to arrange an eye-opening live Demo.